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Finding the right Cleveland addiction treatment program can be a difficult task. Many programs take on an one-size-fits-all approach, which is not likely to be effective since every individual has different circumstances that have led to their addiction. It may also be wise to consider an out-of-state addiction treatment program, as sometimes a change of scenery is necessary to maintain recovery.

Harmful substances can lead to addiction for men and women of all ages and backgrounds. For many people, it can be difficult to recover and abstain from the substance long-term. Addiction treatment in is crucial when you’re ready to obtain professional assistance with each step of the process. Call our addiction specialists today at (866) 272-6544 to learn more about your options for treatment and recovery.

Causes of addiction

Many different factors can lead to developing an addiction. Most people do not expect that they’ll struggle with substance abuse and can begin to use drugs or alcohol recreationally. Some people begin to use drugs to reduce stress or anxiety levels but develop a tolerance and increase their usage to continue feeling the effects of the substance.

Children who are exposed to drug use at an early age or live with someone in the home who is suffering from addiction are at a higher risk of becoming addicted as adults. Some genes in the body and hereditary factors can also contribute to the disease.

Preexisting conditions and mental health disorders are underlying factors that can increase a person’s likelihood of use. Those who suffer from depression or anxiety can begin to develop dependency symptoms due to a need to improve their mood or feel calm while spending time at work or school. Although the drug may offer temporary relief, it can affect the work performance of the individual and lead to more serious conditions later on. Some people may have difficulty staying employed or focused in class.

Signs of substance use disorder include being in denial about the addiction, isolating oneself from family members and friends, and losing of control of how much of the substance is used.

Our addiction specialists want to help you find the ideal addiction treatment program for your substance abuse. Call us at (866) 272-6544 today.

Addiction treatment

There are several methods of treating substance abuse in Cleveland if you’re ready to regain control of your life. Inpatient and outpatient drug abuse programs are available, and they can reduce the risk of relapse by teaching you how to cope with cravings and stress.

A drug addiction recovery program will require that you detox from the drugs, which can last one to two weeks. When you enter into an inpatient substance abuse treatment program, you’ll receive medical supervision from doctors and nurses who are there to evaluate your health and monitor your breathing and heart rate. In some cases, medication is prescribed to ease discomfort and reduce the urge for using drugs or alcohol.

If you have a severe addiction and have had failed attempts at becoming clean, it’s important to consider enrolling in an inpatient drug abuse treatment program in the local area. You’ll need to move into the facility for at least a month and follow an itinerary that is created by the staff. Your daily schedule will likely involve attending group therapy sessions with other patients while offering your input during the meetings.

Behavioral therapy sessions will allow you to receive one-on-one attention from a professional therapist. Your history of substance abuse will be evaluated, and you’ll be assessed for any underlying mental health conditions that may be triggering the addiction. Your family members may also make visits to the facility to join in on therapy sessions and work through relationship issues that have developed.

Restoring relationships with your loved ones will make it easier to feel motivated to complete the recovery process and remain clean. Your family will also receive resources and become educated on addiction so that they can become a support system for you during and after your treatment. In some cases, the form of treatment may need to be adjusted depending on how well you’re recovering.

Sober living homes are also available if you need help transitioning back into the real world after completing inpatient drug rehab in Cleveland. The sober living homes allow you to have more freedom while continuing to receive treatment and adjust to daily life.

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How to succeed in an inpatient addiction treatment program

It’s important to understand that you’ll need to put a significant amount of work into recovering from your addiction instead of relying on the inpatient staff to do all the work for you. Remain vulnerable and honest to ensure that you can receive the proper advice and guidance from the staff. Stay intentional about forming relationships with other patients, which can make it easier to feel understood and have a support system.

It’s possible to stay clean long-term by incorporating new practices into your daily routine after your drug rehabilitation program. Stay productive and spend time with family and friends who practice drug- and alcohol-free lifestyles. Find activities that bring you joy and are spent in new settings to avoid triggers. You’ll also want to continue attending support groups to maintain your accountability and reduce your risk of relapsing.

Contact our addiction specialists at (866) 272-6544 to learn more about enrolling in an addiction treatment program.

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