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Drug addiction is a very serious illness, and the first step toward recovery is admitting that you need treatment. There are many options available to you for drug rehab in Cleveland or in another area. Of course, the journey toward living a clean and sober lifestyle is never a quick fix. Depending on the type of dependency you’re dealing with, the road to recovery will likely include drug treatment, an inpatient drug abuse program and inpatient drug rehabilitation.

Once you have gone through all the steps, you will have to maintain your new sober lifestyle. However, you must first find the right treatment facility with the right drug abuse program that suits your needs. There are many aspects of treatment for drug rehab that can prove effective. Call us at (866) 272-6544 today. Our addiction specialists can help you get started.

To get the most out of your treatment, these are the things you should expect when you are entering any inpatient drug rehab center:


During the intake process, you’ll decide whether a particular treatment facility is the right fit for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at drug centers, as you want to be absolutely certain that you’re making the right choice. The center itself will also ask you questions for the same reason. You may also be required to take diagnostic tests or undergo screening to determine if the substance abuse program is the best choice for you. In general, treatment centers tailor their programs to fit the needs of their clients so that you have the best chance at having a successful drug detox experience.

The facility will also put together a full background on you so that your complete history, stage of addiction and severity of addiction are known. The facility may inquire about your family’s history of addiction, and you may be asked to provide basic financial information so that the facility can determine your ability to pay or perhaps recommend an alternative program.

There is no shortage of drug detox options available. There are a number of facilities that cater to all types of people for many different substance abuse problems. If you get in touch with us at (866) 272-6544, our addiction specialists can help you to compare treatment centers and find the one that will best assist you on your road to drug addiction recovery.

Types of treatment

The most common programs offered by treatment facilities are inpatient and outpatient services. In some instances, there is a combination of the two, depending on your individual needs. Inpatient treatment can be administered at a hospital, which offers extensive 24-hour access to medical services from healthcare professionals. It is also available through residential facilities that are not housed in a hospital, which means there may not be access to medical professionals on a 24/7 basis. There is, however, staff on the premises 24 hours, and hospital services can be arranged as needed. This will ensure that you always have access to the medical care you need.

Outpatient treatment is similar to inpatient treatment but allows you the opportunity to return home every night following your treatment. This is a better option if you suffer from a milder short-term addiction. Speak live to an addiction specialist today at (866) 272-6544 to learn more.


Detox is the stage in which all traces of drugs are removed from your body. Withdrawal symptoms may be more severe depending on a few circumstances. In general, these circumstances include your specific body and metabolism, whether you have any other addictions, how long you have been abusing the drug, and the type and dosage of the drug you have used.

Generally, detox is safe when you are in a supervised medical environment. It is never advised to attempt this process at home on your own because it can be dangerous. Let us help you find a safe and well-qualified facility that best meets your needs. Call our addiction specialists today at (866) 272-6544.


Drug or alcohol rehab is necessary after you have successfully undergone detox. This is the stage in which you can learn about the core reason behind your addiction, and it allows you to address your issues so that you can successfully move past your addiction. Different types of available therapy options include:

  • Individual therapy: This helps you to recognize why you started abusing drugs and learn various ways to cope without drugs, such as strategies for time management and focusing on new interests or hobbies. You can also learn to identify triggers for drug use so that you can better cope with these situations and avoid a relapse.
  • Group therapy: Group therapy helps you because it brings you together with others who have gone through the same situation and know what you are experiencing both physically and emotionally. You and other members can share stories and find support in one another so that you can successfully move past your addiction and look toward healthy futures.
  • Family therapy: Family therapy may be needed because it is very common for family members to be affected the most by your addiction. Your entire family can learn how to overcome issues and offer you loving support while you are undergoing addiction treatment. To learn more, give our addiction specialists a call anytime at (866) 272-6544.

Ongoing recovery

The recovery stage is extremely important because it comes into play once you are done with the detox and rehab stages. When you speak with counselors, you will learn of an aftercare plan so that you can successfully live without drugs once and for all. You may be required to have follow-up appointments or occasional stays at the facility during weekends. In some cases, you might find it helpful to stay at a sober living facility for a while. It is possible to continue with therapy and even work at an outside job during this time before you transition back to everyday life.

Our addiction specialists can help you to find the right drug treatment facility to suit your needs. Call us right away at (866) 272-6544.


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